Dear friends from Loxley School we would like to introduce you all to historical places of India. Here one can see places that arouse curiosity and attract a lot of tourists across the globe. Even deserts of Rajasthan haven't failed to attract many a tourists from abroad. If we talk of our own place Bhiwani it is adjacent to Rajasthan and there are a few places worth visiting. Delhi is near to us and we have many chances to visit there. Our esteemed guests from Birmingham U.K. enjoyed their trip here. They were astonished to see our locality and visited nearby village Devrala.


They had a chance to attend an Indian marriage. They liked Taj Mahal of Agra the most and expressed their desire to visit India again.We will help you have an online journey through this platform. Are you ready to accompany us and know in detail our incredible India? We hope you will love to know about India. Our journey begins now.....

Let's have a glimpse of Kerala, a heavenly place in South India full of greenery. The herbs, tea and coffee plantations are very popular. Although the climate is humid but the beauty of place enthralls the visitors.

Would you like to have a short but interesting world tour with us? Today the whole world has become like a global village and we all have come closer.

Prafful went to Delhi during vacations and took beautiful snaps of famous places there which we are uploading for all to see.India Gate is in Delhi and quite famous. It was built during British rule by a British architect to honour soldiers.India_Gate.JPGThe Palace of Pandavas is another place to visit. Though old it is attractive due to its architecture. Garden in palace is the main attraction. A zoo is near it.Pandavas'_palace.JPGWe came across an interesting article about the beautiful state Kerala written by Maya Menon.

My students often go to visit historical places in their vacations and bring information and pictures about same. Rahul Yadav went to Rajsamand and Udaipur recently and brought beautiful pictures of Fort and museum that I would like to share with all.
external image Kumbhalgarh%20Fort.JPG
Another view of the Fort. It is said it was invincible and was never attacked by invaders.
external image Kumbhal%20Garh%20Fort%20in%20Rajsamand.JPG
Museum of Udaipur is very beautiful. It has statues of Rajput warriors and their arms are on display there. Have a look at them!
external image Museum(1).JPG
See the beautiful statues of Rajput warriors.
external image Museum%20in%20Udaipur.JPG
Rajsamand's lake is also famous and tourists enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
external image Lake%20in%20Rajsamand.JPG
Sarita went to Gujarat and wants to share her photos with peers.