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Working in pairs we studied some photographs. We tried to capture the mood of the photos in our writing.


The mountain, covered by a thick, green blanket, was reflected in the fresh, clear water. The small, cosy cottages sat by the beautiful mountainside. The clouds were like fluffy cotton wool, hovering over this wonderful scenery.



An owl was screeching at the tip of the tree. Crisp, golden leaves were flickering like a candle in a pumpkin.

TH and FO


The bright blue sky was showering over the green, forest covered island in the middle of the ocean. The flaming sun beam was making the light coloured sea sparkle under it's blazing light. The sand was baking under the trees.

IC and BW


The water was racing to crash down into the lake. The trees covered the rocks like a green, fluffy carpet. The waterfall was playing like white horses. The dark trees looked like a spooky cave. The water crashing sounded like a million tambourines.

MH and OF


The tall, snowy mountains gleamed over the shimmering lake. The big green shore was by the deep wide lake. The clear lake was as blue as the bluest whale on it's voyage to a new world.

IS, AF and HJG


The dark misty wood was creeping towards the boy. The wind pushed him to the mouth of the forest.

GL and RJG.